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Lao (ພາສາລາວ)English (United Kingdom)


Faculty of Letters consist of 9 departments and 1 section : Department of Lao language and Culture, Department of French , Department of English, Department of German, Department of Vietnamese, Department of Chinese, Department of Japanese, Department of Korean, Department of Mass Communication and Russian Section. Please see detail below :

Bachelor Programme

Information about Bechelor Programme of FLE

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Master Prgramme

Information about Master Programme of FLE

Goto "Master Programme" >>

3. Department of French

Information about English of FLE

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4. Department of German

Information about German of FLE

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5. Department of Vietnamese

Information about Vietnamese of FLE

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6. Department of Chinese

Information about Chinese of FLE

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7. Department of Japanese

Information about Japanese of FLE

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8. Department of Korean

Information about Korean of FLE

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9. Department of Mass Communication

Information about Mass Communication of FLE

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10. Russian Section

Information about Russian of FLE

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