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About History of Faculty of Letters

History of Faculty of Letters



Dean of Faculty of Letters :

Brief history :

After The Nation has created a Lao People's Democratic Republic, In 1977 two higher education institutions are : The Pedagogical University of Vientiane and The Pedagogical University of Viengxay was merge in the same institution called: The Pedagogical University of Vientiane  (P.U.V)  Which located in the same of The Pedagogical University of Vientiane in previously in Dongdok Campus now, P.U.V have a duty created teacher for high school across the country. Among division on P.U.V that consist: Literature-Linguistics, Psychology, Geography and History, Political Science, Russian, English-German, French-Español, Mathematics-Physics and Biology-Chemistry Division.

From 1996 onwards, Ministry of Education and Sports was gather all higher Education Institutions as the National University of Laos   Which consist 8 faculties, There are: Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Faculty of Education and University Science Foundation. National University of Laos the growth and development of step, Arrival of August 2000 Prime Minister of Lao P.D.R Issued Decree No. 87/PM has put the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Seperated into 2 faculties: Faculty of Social Science and Faculty of Letters (F.L.E) The Source of the Faculty of Letters brief.

Therefore, starting from Academic Year 2000-2001 onwards, F.L.E began performing duties political and technical its go along with other faculty in National University of Laos. Over 11 years Faculty of Letters was have a comprehensive growth  What is striking success in building academic degree Bachelor and Master to serve the nation in the number of 7717, females 3438 .

National University of Laos , Faculty of Letters ( Dongdok Campus ); P.O Box: 7322
Telephone : ( +856-21 ) 740276, 740277 ; Fax: ( +856-21 ) 740277 ; E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it